Zingaro's shows

“Thirty years of work would require me to look into their chronology. I would like to. But, if I have many memories of my shows, I remember them in the wrong order. As a result of an encounter, a feeling, a smell, a music, a country, an audience, but never because of a date, an anniversary, never in the order I have lived them. Of passing time, I know neither the standard nor the measure.”

Bartabas, in L’Almanach Zingaro

2020 - Le Sacre de Stravinsky

Le Sacre de Stravinsky

Bartabas revisits his famous choreography of Stravinsky’s Le Sacre du Printemps (The Rite of Spring) and Symphonie de Psaumes (Symphony of Psalms). Created in 2000 in Amsterdam for the Equestrian Theatre Zingaro, these two choreographies enclosed Dialogue de l’Ombre Double (Dialogue of the Double Shadow), by Pierre Boulez, for Triptyk , a show performed all around the world, from Moscow to Los Angeles.

For this creation, the horseriders of Zingaro, the squires of the National Equestrian Academy of Versailles, and the dancers of the Danza Contemporánea de Cuba company, will seize the telluric choreography created by Bartabas. Dialogue of the Double Shadow will be replaced by Stravinsky’s Elegy, for viola (or violin) solo, a new piece especially created by Bartabas and played by Vladimir Percevic (viola and violin).


Photo credit : © Stéphanie Gutierrez-Ortega


The Rite of Spring

Elegy, for viola (or violin) solo

Symphony of Psalms


Conception, directing, scenography : Bartabas


The National Equestrian Academy of the Estate of Versailles

The Equestrian Theatre Zingaro


Danza Contemporánea de Cuba


Stravinsky. Elegy. Vladimir Percevic, viola, violin

Aerial Artist: Jeanne Eden

2020 TOUR

April 16 – 28, 2020
at: Zingaro Equestrian Theatre, in Aubervilliers (France)
Info & booking
or by phone: +33 1 40 03 75 75

AVENCHES (SWITZERLAND) – Live Music Production
May 15 – June 3, 2020
at: I.E.N.A. in Avenches (Switzerland)
Info & booking
or by phone: +41 22 994 31 31

BORDEAUX – Côte Ouest
August 21 – September 12, 2020
at: Place des Quinconces in Bordeaux (France)
Info & booking
or by phone: +33 5 57 19 06 44

2017 - Ex Anima

Ex Anima

Like a breath of the soul,
“a horse neighs somewhere,
until the end of time.*”

It has been almost thirty years that horses are adventuring Zingaro’s life style and work by our sides. They are the inspirers of our creations, our source of desire.

In contact with them we have learned to grow wild to receive the lectures they have been willing to teach us, that they are a “memorial part of ourselves**.

For this ultimate creation, I would like to celebrate them as the true actors of this original “Equestrian Theater”… To set up a ritual without memory, a ceremony where the audience will see the animal such as the mirror of humanity.

For this we must learn to strip ourselves of our ego, of our individual body in favor of a shared body, anonymous …  Being a mere presence in the background; becoming “horse puppeteer and with them, discover new lands…



* Joseph Delteil    ** Michel Onfray

A création of Théâtre équestre Zingaro
Design and direction: Bartabas

Original music:
François Marillier, Véronique Piron, Jean-Luc Thomas, Wang Li

Compositions based on the breath:
Instruments: Hulusi (Chinese flute) ; Tin-Whistles (Irish flutes) ; Bansurî (flute from north India) ; Shakuhachi, Ryuteki, Nôkan (Japanese flutes)

Produced by:
Théâtre Équestre Zingaro

Coproduced by:
Bonlieu Scène nationale Annecy,
Espace Malraux Scène nationale de Chambéry et de la Savoie,
Live Music Production, Théâtre de Caen, Le Quartz – Scène Nationale de Brest

Press Office: Rémi Fort – MYRA
+33 (0)1 40 33 79 13 – remi@myra.fr

Photos © Marion Tubiana
Graphic Design: Vincent Kervel based according to an engraving of Hans Baldung Grien
Drawing of the title © Ernest Pignon-Ernest

With, in their own role:
Cintrón, Dominguín, Manzanares, Nimeño, Arruza, El Gallo, Belmonte, Bombita, Chicuelo, El Cordobés, Paquirri, El Soro, Manolete, El Viti, Guerre, Famine, Conquête, Misère, Lug, Dagda, Ogme, Nuada, Credne, Mac Oc, le Grincheux en alternance avec le Curieux, Angelo, Tsigane, Van Gogh, Calacas, Lucifer en alternance avec Bamako, Majestic, Noureev, la mule, l’âne, Le Caravage, Le Tintoret, Zurbarán, Posada, Soutine

with the cooperation of:
Bartabas, Marc Batailley, Yannick Boutet, Cécile Borry, Thierry Brillaud, Christophe Brisset, Henri Carballido, Marjolaine Carme, Lucie Delorme, Manon Demarcq, Mathieu Deveyer, Pierre-Léonard Guétal, Jeanne Guépratte, Philippe Imbréa, Thierry Imbréa, Julien Koch, Ouali Lahlouh, Yannick Laisné, Romane Lejaille, Edouard Lejeune, Julie-Sarah Ligonnière, Mathias Lyon, Coralie Martinot, François Marillier, Christelle Naddéo, Anne Perron, Véronique Piron, Sophie Prietz, Etienne Regnier, Emmanuelle Santini, Alice Seghier, Olivier Serpette, Jean-Luc Thomas, Camille Tartakowsky, Hervé Vincent, Léa Vuillemin, Justine Walter, Wang Li, David Weiser, Messaoud Zeggane.

2019 Tour

BÉZIERS : From avril 23th to May 19th
Hérault Culture – Domaine de Bayssan

LYON: From June 14th june to 24th July
Festival Les Nuits de Fourvière

BORDEAUX : From August 17th to september 14th
Côte Ouest France

BREST : From 4th to 27th october
Le Quartz, Scène Nationale de Brest

TOULON : From November 19th to december 15th
Le Liberté, Scène Nationale de Toulon

2015 - They shoot angels, don’t they? (elegies)

On achève bien les anges (élégies)

In a unique space – is it the bottom of a volcano? – Bartabas returns on stage and delivers us a fascinating equestrian and poetic musing. For this new creation, he comes down again in the arena like a archangel fallen from his purgatory.

Because here the sky of the angels announces of dry land and the surges aim to be cavalier. Even the paradise of horses is not an easy one anymore.
To which messenger to dedicate itself, when the circle of hell does not stop being reversed and the seraphs in wings bashed up to reconquer their kingdom?
In which star to trust when we walk on a thread over volcanoes?
What assumption to believe when the punishment happens to the sound of church organs?

With this new show, the thirteenth in thirty years, Zingaro pursues its indomitable, equestrian and poetic quest, in the unknown. The laughter often also ambles in this pit of chimeras reinvented each time, when whitefaced clowns looklike butchers stir on popular airs.


A creation of the equestrian Theater Zingaro
Conception, staged, scenography: Bartabas
Assistant in the direction: Anne Perron

Costumes: Laurence Bruley, assisted by Yannick Laisné, Anaïs Abel, Lucie Bourdais, Julia Brochier, Sonia Evin, Thérèse Fert, Maud Lemercier, Samir N’ Khili
Wigs and make-up: Cécile Kretschmar
Manufacturing of accessories: Lélia Demoisy, Benjamin Lefebvre, Alicia Maistre, Johann Perruchon, Blueberry Pichon, Sébastien Puech, Roland Zimmermann

Pictures: Hugo Marty – copyright
Drawing of the Title: Ernest Pignon-Ernest

Press Contact : DRC/ Dominique Racle

Les Nuits de Fourvière à Lyon
La Coursive, Scène Nationale de La Rochelle,
CIRCA, Pôle National Cirque à Auch,
Le Quartz, Scène Nationale de Brest.
The show was created on June 8th, 2015 to the Festival of Les Nuits de Fourvière in Lyon.


Bartabas, Stéphane Drouard,
Michaël Gilbert, Loreleï Josserand,
Noureddine Khalid, Mathias Lyon,
Gaëlle Pollantru-Gevertz, Etienne Régnier,
Alice Séghier, Messaoud Zeggane.

François Marillier (Music Direction),
Janyves Coïc, Cyrille Lacombe,
Yuka Okazaki, William Panza, Paulus.

Butcher confectioner: 
Riton Carballido

Angelo, Antonete, Arruza, Barock, Belmonte, Bombita, Cagancho, Calacas, Le Caravage, Chicuelo, Conchita-Citron, Conquete, Dominguin, El Cordobes, El Gallo, El Soro, El Viti, Famine, Guerre, Joselito, Le Greco, Majestic, Manolete, Manzaneres, Misère, Nimeño, Paquiri, Posada, Soutine, Tarzan, Tintoret, Zurbaran, La Mule et L’âne.

Tour 2015-2016

Nuits de Fourvières - Lyon, from June 8th until July 17th, 2015
Circa - Auch, from August 21st until September 9th,2015
Théâtre Zingaro - Aubervilliers, from October 23rd until December 31st, 2015

Le Quartz - Scène Nationale de Brest, from March 26th until April 24th, 2016
La Coursive - Scène Nationale de La Rochelle, from May 3rd until 22nd, 2016
Sortie Ouest- Béziers / Printemps des Comédiens, from June 11th until July 10th, 2016
Théâtre Zingaro - Aubervilliers, from September 30th until Décember 31st, 2016

2013 - Golgota


After “Entr’aperçue” (Entr’aperceived) and “Le Centaure et l’animal” (The Centaur and the animal), the acclaimed French artist returns to the stage in a “mano a mano” with contemporary flamenco dancer Andres Marin, in a dialogue between man, animal, dance and the silent music of Tomas Luis de Victoria; once again demonstrating that flamenco is living art from which knows no boundaries.

Production: Bartabas and Andrés Marín
Conception, staged, scenography: Bartabas
Assistant in the direction: Anne Perron

Costumes: Sophie Manac’h and Yannick Laisné

Accessories: Sébatien Puech

Music: Tomás Luis de Victoria

Choreographed and interpreted by:
Andrès Marín and Bartabas

Musicians: Christophe Baska, Adrien Mabire, Marc Wolff
Actor: William Panza

With horses: Horizonte, Tintoret, Soutine, Champagne and donkey Lautrec.

Tour 2013 - 2016

Golgota has been created on October 8th, 2013.

2013 : Annecy - Aix-en-Provence - Amiens

2014 : Paris - La Rochelle - Blagnac - Lyon - Perpignan - Châteauvallon - Vaison-la-Romaine - Turin (Italie) - Mulhouse - Brest - Antibes - Lorient - Tarbes - Albi

2015 : Bordeaux - Quimper - Valenciennes - Rome

2016 : Londres (UK)

2011 - Calacas


After having pounded the ground of his Théâtre Equestre Zingaro for more than a quarter of a century, Bartabas is now tackling the skies. There he intends to celebrate with renewed vigour, chasing after the grim reaper and the living dead on horseback. Prepare yourself to enter into the dance of the joyfully soul, performed before your very eyes and above your head. A twofold wild and furious carnival led to the sound of Chinchineros drums, Mexican brass bands and the barrel organ, with, as always, the presence of horses, the surest psychopompos animal ever to act as escort, steed, messenger and guardian angel.


A creation of the Equestrian Theater Zingaro

Conception, scenography and direction: Bartabas

Assistant in the direction: Anne Perron
Decorations and costumes: Laurence Bruley
Masques: musical Cécile Kretschmar
Musical advisor : Jean-Pierre Drouet

Coproduction: La Coursive – scène nationale de La Rochelle, Les Nuits de Fourvière – Lyon, LMP Music production – Switzerland.

Pictures: © Agathe Poupeney (2 to 10) / © Hugo Marty – (11)
Title design: Ernest Pignon-Ernest

Riders: Laurence Dirou, Michaël Gilbert, Noureddine Khalid, Mathias Lyon, Gaëlle Pollantru, Etienne Régnier, Alice Seghier, Messaoud Zeggane

Musicians: Sébastien Clément (en alternance avec Théo Mérigeau), François Marillier (en alternance avec Richard Dubelski)
Chinchineros : Pepa Toledo et Luis Toledo

Et dans le rôle du baron : le baron

Horses: Antonete, Arruza, Belmonte, Bombita, Cagancho, Calacas, Chamaco, Chicuelo, Conchita Citron, Dominguin, Edwin, El Cordobes, El Gallo, El Soro, El Viti, Espartaco, Joselito, Lobero, Majestic, Manolete, Manor, Manzanares, Nimeno, Paquiri, Phare Ouest, Posada, Tarzan

Calacas has been created in Aubervilliers on November 2nd, 2011

La Coursive, Scène Nationale de La Rochelle,
Festival des Nuits de Fourvière à Lyon,
CIRCA, Pôle National Cirque de Auch
Le Quartz, Scène Nationale de Brest.
Théâtre équestre Zingaro, Aubervilliers
Mulhouse - Genève - Bègles - Aubervilliers
Mexico City (Mexico) - Martigues - Yutz - Calais -Caen

2010 - The Centaur and the animal

Le Centaure et l'animal

“Guided by man during the long apprenticeship that is dressage, the horse accesses a level of “knowledge”, thus turning man and animal into a centaur.
Conversely, man looks to bring back to the surface the animal instinct at the origins of his creation, like a journey back through evolution, a regression back into the deepest layers of his being.”

“Bartabas’s meeting with Ko Murobushi, one of the most famous and renowned artists in Japan, heir to Tatsumi Hijikata’s rules of Butoh, looks to be an exciting artistic adventure that examines the boundaries and passages between two sensitive and exceptional worlds. This proffered work also probes the question of animality and the relationship between man and beast, one of our many contemporary questions.
The intense depth of Ko Murobushi’s choreography and the poignant strength of Bartabas’ equestrian movements is set to open up an unexpected continent, which will undoubtedly propel us into a time and mythical space of deep and radiant beauty.
Jose Montalvo

“Bartabas and Ko Murobushi conjure spells where body language, as if trapped in a halo of mystery, borrows from the imagination of Butoh or free dance. The horses, Horizonte, Soutine, Pollock and Le Tintoret, invite themselves into this ritual between wildness and poetry. At the edge of genres, Le Centaure et l’animal establishes itself as a clearly spellbinding opera of the bodies, both human and animal.”
Philippe Noisette

Conception, scenography and direction: Bartabas
Choreography: Ko Murobushi and Bartabas
Music: Jean Schwarz
Light: Françoise Michel

Production: Théâtre équestre Zingaro – Théâtre national de Chaillot – Sadler’s wells – Arts 276/Automne en Normandie

with the support of Odyssud – Blagnac et of l’ EPCC Le Volcan, Scène nationale du Havre

Bartabas and Ko Murobushi
and the participation of Raveendran Peringaden

and horses: Horizonte, Soutine, Pollock and Le Tintoret

Text from Lautréamont extract from Chants de Maldoror
said by Jean-Luc Debattice

© Pictures: Nabil Boutros

Tour 2010 - 2013

Created on September 14th, 2010 at Odyssud-Blagnac
Odyssud-Blagnac / Le Havre, Le Volcan – Festival Automne en Normandie / Paris – Théâtre national de Chaillot
La Rochelle – La Coursive / Londres – Sadler's wells (UK) / Montpellier / Barcelone (Espagne) - Turin - Annecy
Brest / Amiens / Hong-Kong (Chine) / Bobigny
Santiago (Chili)

Press review

2009 - Darshan


Meaning “sight” or “vision” in Sanskrit, the term Darshan is a practice that consists in glimpsing the divine, such as in the temporary unveiling of the statue of a god or the fleeting contemplation of special deity or holy person. This “vision” is meant to convey to the spectator some of the virtues and teachings attributed to the represented subject. Darshan thus combines visual solicitation and revelation. It reveals a part of what is invisible: it increases your sight tenfold.
For this Theatre Equestre Zingaro’s creation, Bartabas has designed a huge circular shadow theatre in strange continuous movement, leading the audience into pleasant gravitation.
Once more, Bartabas invites us on a journey into our inner selves. He offers a palette of strong emotions that travel through time and space in a shadow theatre where dreams ride around on horses.

A creation of the equestrian Theater Zingaro
Conception, staged, scenography: Bartabas
Assistant in the direction: Anne Perron

© Agathe Poupeney : (1, 2, 4, 6, 7 et 8)
© Antoine Poupel : (3, 5, 9 et 10)

Bartabas, Manuel Bigarnet, Marion Duterte, Michaël Gilbert, Pauline Gosselin, Solenn Heinrich, Gaëlle Pollantru-Gevertz, Benoît Margat, Étienne Régnier, Alice Seghier, Messaoud Zeggane

Antonete, Apollon, Arès, Ascleptos, Arruza, Belmonte, Bombita, Cagancho, Chamaco, Chicuelo, Chronos, Conchita, Citron, Déméter, Dionysos, Dominguin, Edwin, El Cordobes, El Gallo, El Soro, El Viti, Éros, Espartaco, Frascuelo, Héphaïstos, Héra, Hermès, Joselito, Lobero, Loulou 90, Majestic, Manolete, Manor, Manzanares, Nimeño, Pan, Paquiri, Poséidon, Xisto, Zeus et Horizonte.

Tour 2009 - 2010

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Zingaro Theater, Bartabas decided not to go around the world with big tops, horses and caravans!
Taking the opposite view, he chose to stay in his wooden theater during the whole season 2009-2010, and created his new show Darshan for the first time in the Fort of Aubervilliers where it was presented 175 times.

2006 - Sunrise

Lever de soleil

Far from ingenious devices and tricks and just long enough for the sun to rise, Bartabas parts with the spectacular in favour of listening and touching on the basics, savouring with the audience a magical moment, suspended in time and unpretentious, in which the relationship between man and beast is reinvented.

From Fès to Avignon, not forgetting Paris, Bartabas made his silent “prayer” accompanied by music.
This is not a show. There is nothing to see and everything to experience.
Bartabas has chosen to share this precious, fragile moment unashamedly: his daily routine with his horses, at dawn.

Jean-Louis Sauvat’s charcoal drawings.

Tour since 2006

2006 : Paris, Avignon, Namur (Belgique)
2007 : Ile d'Aix, Fès (Maroc), Laon
2008 : Lyon
2009 : Paris
2010 : Printemps des Comédiens - Montpelier
2011 : Fère en Tardenois, St Michel en Thiérache, Meinier (Suisse)
2012 : Abbaye de Fontevraud, Saint-Denis, Brest
2013 : Lormont, Blanquefort

2006 - Entr’aperceived


Bartabas takes us in the footsteps of Victor Segalen. Among landscapes and calligraphy, the China that is suggested is then revealed within the framework of a very intimate voyage. For the first time, Bartabas is directing a show on a theatre stage: the ‘ring master’ is tackling the frontal stage at the Théâtre du Chatelet.
For this team, Bartabas has chosen horses as travelling companions, lost in these Chinese landscape paintings… Amongst tulle and kakemono, shadows and light, the stage is transformed. The reality is no longer perceptible: all you can do is catch glimpses of it. This change of perception will enable to truly experience this imaginary voyage.

© Fred Chehu (1, 2 and 4 to 10)
© Antoine Poupel (3 and 11)

2006 - Battuta


Travelling back from a battered era
Short of breath and loosing all meaning
Head off at a gallop the brass and the strings
Always allegro, always furioso
For a wild search for energy

For a return to gypsy instinct
Planted under the nose of the sedentary
When exodus is like a saraband
And it’s a good life unrestrained At the caravans’ rodeo

It is a fearless and blame-free migration
A nostalgia-free mirror
Where the flight on the run has left again
With the grace of a wild goose
Or of beautiful young man unveiled

Like a young bride
Vowed to another wedding

Andre Velter

A creation of the equestrian Theater Zingaro
Conception, staged, scenography: Bartabas

Assistant in the direction: Anne Perron

Costumes of the riders and horses: Marie-Laurence Schakmundès and Sylvie Berthou
Realization: Eve Leroux, Evelyne Mettot, Alain de Raucourt, Gérard Viard, Yannick Laisné, Mathilde Augereau
Costume of bear: Gérard Viard
Dresser: Yannick Laisné

Pictures © Antoine Poupel


Théâtre Equestre Zingaro, Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts, Festival d’Avignon, Théâtre de Namur, La Coursive, Scène Nationale de La Rochelle.


Mathieu Bianchi, Manuel Bigarnet, Julie Blavier, Sarah Boulier, Damien Chauvet, Sébastien Desenne, Abderrahman El Bahjaoui, Abdessadek El Bahjaoui, Michaél Gilbert, Benjamin Grain, Solenn Heinrich, Jonathan Lambert, Alice Seghier, Batraz Tsokolaev, Cédric Vallas, Messaoud Zeggane

Fanfare Shukar de Moldavie
Costel Alexandru, Gheorghe Dumitru, Dumitru Gavril, Vasile Gavril, Constantin Pantiru, Costica Pantiru, David Pantiru, janica Pantiru, Liviu Pantiru, Stefan Trifan

Taraf de Transylvanie
Francisc Balogh, Aladar Pusztai, Florin Szilaghi, Alexiu Turca, Kalman Urszuj

Apollon, Ares, Chronos, Demeter, Dionysos, Eros, Hephaistos, Hera, Hermès, Pan, Poseidon, Zeus, Antonete, Arruza, Belmonte, Bombita, Cagancho, Chamaco, Chicuelo, Conchita, Dominguin, El Cordobes, El Gallo, El Soro, El Viti, Espartaco, Frascuelo, Joselito, Manolete, Manzanares, Nimeno, Paquiri. Lobéro, Loulou, Meia lua, Monoi. et l’âne Narthex

Tour 2006 - 2009

Battuta was created to Istambul in May, 2006 and presented more of 430 times in France and abroad.

Istambul (Turkey) - Avignon - Namur (Belgium) - Luxembourg (L.) - Aubervilliers
Rennes - La Rochelle - Avenches (Switzerland) - Aubervilliers
Hong-Kong (China) - Poznan (Poland) - Lyon - Bruxelles (Belgium) - Aubervilliers
Tokyo (Japan) - Moscou (Russia)

2003 - Loungta


“Broaching a subject in Tibet, even only in imagination or thought, makes you immediately stand taller. By making use of such a world, reproducing it via sudden intuitions and transfigured scenes, Bartabas accomplishes has worked a new wonder.”
André Velter

A creation of the equestrian Theater Zingaro
Conception, staged, scenography: Bartabas
Assistant in the direction : Anne Perron

Riders and horses’ costumes: Marie-Laurence Schakmundes, assisted by Eve Leroux, Elisabeth Cerqueira, Evelyne Mettot, François Siméon, Yannick Laisné, Alain de Raucourt

Masks: Ehrard Stiefel with Dominique Contesso assisted by Aydé Rouvière and Sigfrido Rivera
Hats and accessories: Gérard Viard
Make-up and hairstyles: Caroline Roy-Gönpo

Painting Dome and sets: Didier Martin and Laurence Durlot, Anne Garcia, Valia Sanz

Photos © Antoine Poupel


Equestrian Theater Zingaro in coproduction with the Theater of Namur-ADAC, The Cargo boat / house of the culture of Grenoble, Lille 2004, The Passageway – national stage of La Rochelle

By means of the Ministry of Culture and Communication, by means of the General Council of Seine-Saint-Denis and the City of Aubervilliers

Thanks to the cultural Service of the Embassy of France in Delhi, to M. Tashi Phuntsok and M. Wangpo Bashi – Office of the Tibet, Paris, the representation of Its Holiness the Dalai Lama.


Riders: Bartabas, Manuel Bigarnet, Ketile Dubus, Abderrahman El Bahjaoui, Mickael Gilbert, Benjamin Grain, Solenn Heinrich, Elodie Mathieu, Etienne Régnier, Igor Verlivskoï, Messaoud Zeggane

Tibetan Singer – dancer: Tenzin Gönpo
Dancers – musicians: Fabrice Andriamilantonirinason, Abdouel Karimou

The monks of the monastery of Gyuto: Jhamba Genden, Lobsang Dargey, Tenzin Norbu, Migur Dorjee, Gyurmey Chogyal, Tashi Yoeser, Dhondup Thinlay, Lobsang Dorjee, Ngawang Thapkhe, Tsering Wangchuck

Horses: Apollon, Arès, Ascleptos, Chronos, Coppi, Darri, Demeter, Dionysos, Eros, Flash Okie Reina, Hades, Hephaistos, Hera, Hermes, Heza Great Royal Kid, Horizonte, Kid Label, King Black Solano, Le Caravage, Lobéro, Pan, Pantruche, Poseidon, Priape, Zanzibar, Zeus, et the donkey Narthex

Tour 2003 - 2005

Loungta has been created in Moscow in May 2003 and has been presented 485 times in France and abroad.

Moscou (Russie) - Avignon - Namur (Belgium) - Grenoble - Aubervilliers
Rennes - La Rochelle - Barcelone (Spain) - Nancy - Lille - Aubervilliers
Tokyo (Japan) - Avenches (Switzerland) - Rome (Italy)

2000 - Triptyk


For the first time ever, Bartabas has choreographed a dance of horses and riders on composed pieces of music: “The Rite of Spring” and the “Symphony of Psalms” by Stravinsky, “Dialogue de l’Ombre Double” by Pierre Boulez.

A creation of the equestrian Theater Zingaro
Conception, staged, scenography: Bartabas

Assistants in the direction: Patricia Lopez, Anne Perron

Attending the choreography: Julio Arozarena

Costumes: Marie-Laurence Schakmundés, assisted of: Eve Leroux, Perrine Coquin, Virginia Foal, Hadja Seghiri, Emerantine Vignon

Bootmaker: Patrick Valdivia

Creation make-up: Isabelle Guillaume

Creation headgears: Estelle Ramousse, Isabelle Guillaume

Sculptures: Jean-Louis Sauvat

Pictures © Antoine Poupel


Riders: Bartabas, Dominique Beslay, Manuel Bigarnet, Kétile Dubus, Abderrahman El bahjaoui, Abdessadek El bahjaoui, Michael Gilbert, Laure Guillaume, Magali Huercio, Laetitia Letourneur, Elodie Mathieu, Pénélope Purtell ou Pamela Djae, Etienne Régnier, Messaoud Zeggane.

Dancers: Julio Arozarena, Anouck Tissot.

Dancers of Kalaripayatt : Shamsudheen Areekal Meethel, Sreenivasan Edappurath, Unni Krishnan Inneerakath Madhavan, Manoj Palamparambil Kuttan, Binoy Palayil Abraham, Raveendran Peringadan Sankuru, Rakesh Pulukkaol.

Clarinettiste : (alternatively) Alain Damiens (solist at l’Ensemble Inter Contemporain) or Yoshinobu Kamei

Horses : Akim. Babile, Balanchine. Barychnikov, Coppi, Dari, Est, Farinelli, Gitan, Goya, Grain d’or, Horizonte, Lifar, Luz, Nijinsky, Noureev, Nord, Ouest, Picasso, Porcinelli, Ramonero, Riton regent, Sud.

Tour 2000 - 2002

Triptyk has been created in Amsterdam in April 2000 and presented more than 370 times in France and abroad.

Amsterdam (Netherlands) - Lausanne (Switzerland) - Avignon - Anvers (Belgium) - Villepinte - Aubervilliers
La Rochelle - Lyon - Moscou (Russia) - Barcelone (Spain) - Namur (Belgium) - Athènes (Greece) - Aubervilliers
St Etienne - Montpellier - Los Angeles (USA)

1997 - Eclipse


“For Zingaro, every show and every night is only a stage in a long journey. Eclipse shows the ground that has been covered. A new approach: with dancers. A new constraint: that of black and white, shadow and light. And notably a new musical encounter, Shinawi melodies and the stirring voices of Pansori music, instilling into the troupe the ancestral inner strength of Korea, the Land of the Morning Calm.”


A creation of the Equestrian Theater Zingaro
Conception, staged, scenography: Bartabas

Creation and realization: Marie-Laurence Schakmundes, with: Hélène Dumont, Malika El Houssine, Yannick Laisné, Eve Leroux, Evelyne Mettot, Denis Charlemagne.
Make-up: Isabelle Guillaume
Wigs: Marandino
Costumes of horses: Yannick Laisné, Jocelyn Petot, Max Soulignac.

Pictures © Antoine Poupel

Théâtre Zingaro – Rurhfestspiele à Recklinghausen – Théâtre de Vidy à Lausanne – Festival d’Avignon – Roularta Events à Anvers – La Coursive à la Rochelle – Théâtre du Gymnase à Marseille.
Avec l’aide du Ministère de la Culture, du Conseil Général de Seine-Saint-Denis et de la Ville d’Aubervilliers.
Avec le soutien de la Maison des Cultures du Monde.
Remerciements à l’UBP Madeleine, Centre Culturel Français de Séoul, Centre Culturel Coréen de Paris.

With :

Riders : 
Julio Arozarena, Bartabas, Nathalie Barot, Manuel Bigarnet, Catherine Bosch, Kétile Dubus, Abderrahman El Bahjaoui, Laure Guillaume, Etienne Regnier, Quincella Swyningan, Aicha Touré, Messaoud Zeggane.

Korean music :
Singer of Pansori : Sung-Sook Chung
Musicians : Jong Lak. roh, Sung Su Han, In Tae Kim, Sean Jea Kim, Dae Gu Lee, Kee Young Nam.

Horses :

Brosok, Diktor, Djinn, Dombay, Domino, Donor, Edwin, El Chulo, Felix, Gamo, Horizonte, Lautrec, Meaoula, Mowgli, Orlof, Ocliv, Picasso, Quixotte, Ryton Regent, Sold’Oa, Sultan, Terminator, Vinaigre, Xantos, Xérès, Zingaro.

Tour 1997 - 1999

Eclipse has been created in Recklinghausen in May 1997 et presented 376 times in France et abroad

Recklinghausen (Germany) - Lausanne (Switzerland) - Avignon - Anvers (Belgium) - Aubervilliers

La Rochelle - Marseille - New-York (USA) - Aubervilliers

Lyon - Spoleto (Italy) - Namur (Belgium)

1994 - Chimera


“Chimère” seduces in the style of an anamorphosis because each can bring the own images to a rather cowardly weft to hang on all the evocations of an east referent. Those who know India believe to find her and those who are burning to put the foot on a mythical territory think of discovering her.

The sparkling horses of jewels turn endlessly around the illusory abyss. The reflection of the riders – size refined by wide skirts, continuing, tightening hands, stretching their arms to contact, without ever reaching – take off in the black water. Their horses do not carry them, but slide under them, exactly in the same look, so removing any impression of gravity. The women in the subdued silhouettes switch off the flame of unstable lamps and disappear in the shadow of the track, the inverted sky filled with dying stars.

Text written by Françoise Gründ and extract from the work  “La ballade de Zingaro”, Editions du Chêne.


A creation of the equestrian Theater Zingaro
Conception, staged, scenography: Bartabas
Staged assistant: Patricia Lopez

Conception and realization of costumes: Marie-Laurence Schakmundes with Hélène Dumont, Yannick Laisné
Costumes of the horses: Marie Cabanac, Maïka Fernandez

Pictures © Antoine Poupel


Théâtre Zingaro – Ruhrfestspiele – Conseil général de Seine Saint-Denis – Festival d’Avignon with the support of Ministère de la Culture and the city of Aubervilliers
with the cooperation of Adami
with the cooperation of la Maison des Cultures du Monde
Special thanks to M. Keshav Kothari, M. Komal Kothari and to the UBP.

With :

Bartabas, Manuel Bigarnet, Shantih Breikers, Jean-Pierre Drouet ou François Bedel, Arnaud Gillette, Laure Guillaume, Claire Leroy, Brigitte Marty, Pierrick Moreau, Jocelyn Petot, Bernard Quental, Etienne Regnier, Eva Schakmundes, Shantala Shivalingappa ou Mahalaksami Ravindran, Max Soulignac

The musicians of the Raiasthan

Anwar Khan, Barkat Khan, Bundu Khan, Fakir Khan, Ghewar Khan, Habib Khan, Hakam Khan, Kheta Khan, Nagge Khan, Samundar Khan

Group leader: Sawaî Singh Rathore

Horses: L’Araignée, Boris, Diktor, Djin, Dombay, Domino, Felix, Felouz, Goya, Jazz, Latoso, Lautrec, Micha-Figua, Orlof, Quichotte, Raspoutine, Redondo, Ryton Regent, Sol d’oa, Swann, Vinaigre, Verano, Xantos, Xeres, Zingaro, Zorba

Tour 1994 - 1996

"Chimère" has been created in Recklinghausen in May 1994 et presented more than 400 times in France and abroad.

Recklinghausen (Germany) - Vienne (Austria) - Avignon - Lausanne (Switzerland) - Aubervilliers

Bruxelles (Belgium) - La Rochelle - Lausanne (Switzerland) - Lyon - Aubervilliers

Toulouse - Montpellier - Nice - Marseille - Anvers (Belgium) - New-York (USA)

1991 - Equestrian Opera

Opéra équestre

“Via the encounter with its nomadic ancestors, Zingaro goes deeper into its quest for archaic identity. Witness and partner of this experience, the horse reflects the identity of the man with whom it rubs shoulders, and results from his history and his spiritual aspirations. […] In this ritual challenge of a show, two tribes of riders and singers – one influenced by the Berbers, the other by the Caucasians – meet and vie with each other, playing on their differences and similarities.”


A creation of the equestrian Theater Zingaro
Conception, staged, scenography: Bartabas

Costumes: Marie-Laurence Schakmundès

Pictures © Antoine Poupel


Riders: Bartabas, Manu Bigarnet, Shantih Breikers, Pierre Furic, Patrick Labasque, Claire Leroy, Alfred Manuel, Brigitte Marty, Jocelyn Petot, Pascal Petot, Bernard Quental, Etienne Régnier, Geneviève Renon, Eva Schakmundès, Juliette Sane, Max Soulignac

Musicians: Fatima Aibout, Tamaz Butskhrikidze, Jean-Pierre Drouet, Maizer Gazdeliani, Aïni Iften, Toma Karanadze, Yvan Kavlelichivili, Tariel Khatchidze, Nadia Lekaf, Chota Machakadze, Levieri Mikadze, Afida Tahri, Rkia Tahri, Chermadis Tchkouaseli, Samia Yahiaoui, Tamaz Zakarachvili

Horses: Arlequin, Athys, Boris, Dicktor, Djinn, Dolaci, Dombay, Domino, Félix, Istanbul, Jazz, Latoso, Micha Figa, Orlov, Pacha, Quixote, Rarouck, Raspoutine, Redondo, Ryton Régent, Swann, Timour, Verano, Zingaro

Donkeys: Amos, Lucienne, Popov and the camel Caramel

Tour 1991-1993

Recklinghausen (Germany), Avignon, Aubervilliers, Lyon, Montpellier, Nancy, Caen, le Havre, Toulouse, Anvers (Belgium), Madrid (Spain)

1984 - Equestrian Cabaret

Cabaret équestre

“Its caravans, music and horses give it the appearance of a circus but here, the show is a ritual, the music a vocation and the love of horses a religion. There are no ‘numbers’ but rather a touch, a note, a whole, a moment, a scene…”


A creation of Théâtre équestre Zingaro
Conception, staged, scenography: Bartabas

Pictures © Alain Sauvan (4 & 7)

Presidents : Richard Esteban (aka le Potier), Dominique Girard (aka le Baron)

Distribution Cabaret I :

Riders: Bartabas, Branlo, Cascabelle, Geza, Igor, Bernard Malandin, Napoléon Gulliver, Nigloo

Horses: Akim, Champagne, Chaparo, Dolaci, Mirage, Raymonde (la Mule), Redondo, Zingaro

Les Micos: Mathias Crespin, Gaby, Frank Herscher, Marcus, Paulus

Distribution Cabaret II :

Riders: Bartabas, Cascabelle, François Castiello, Pierre Furic, Igor, Lily, Geza Orgon

Horses: Akim, Champagne, Chaparo, Djiboujip, Dolaci, Ganesh, Micha, Figa, Quixote, Redondo, Riton Régent, Vinaigre, Zingaro, Lucienne (ânesse), Raymonde (mule)

Les Micos: Daniel Bonin, Henri Carballido, Nicolas Chavanne, Luigi, Pierre Meunier

Distribution Cabaret III :

Riders: Pierre-Claude Artus, Bartabas, Cascabelle, Bernard Malandin, Hélène Myara, Geza Orgon, Jocelyn Petot, Gérard Pierrat, Etienne Régnier, Eva Schakmundès, André Sicamois

Horses: Akim, Champagne, Chaparo, Dolaci, Ganesh, Latoso, Micha, Figa, Quixote, Raspoutine, Redondo, Riton Régent, Vinaigre, Zingaro, Lucienne (ânesse), Raymonde (mule)

Les Micos: Henri Carballido, Joseph Langley, Alfred Manuel, Thierry Manuel, Francis Portero, Bertrand Pouchin, Roger des Près

Tour Cabarets équestres

Tournées Cabaret I (1984 - 1987) : Bordeaux, Nîmes, Paris, Les Mureaux, Martigues, Avignon (Festival Off), Aurillac, Poitiers, Chambéry, Montpellier, Riom, Lyon, Hérouville, Toulouse, Epinal, Mulhouse, Saint-Étienne, Madrid, Logroño, Zamora, Avila, Sitges, Yverdon, Genève, Lausanne, Monthey, Sarrebruck, Nuremberg,

Tournées Cabaret II (1987 - 1989) : Avignon (Festival Off), Paris, Nantes, le Havre, Lyon, Reims, Villeneuve d’Ascq, Lille, Bordeaux, Villeurbanne, Modène, Milan, Rome, Naples, Bari, Sant’arcangelo, Pontedera, Volterra, Mantoue, Massa, Copenhague, Arhus, Genève, Namur

Tournées Cabaret III (1989 - 1990) : Avignon (Festival In), Aubervilliers, Modène, Milan, Rome, Volterra