The tribe

“The equestrian Theater Zingaro is a tribe half-men, half-horses. I like this word tribe. It indicates that his members obey unwritten laws, those of very independent people who chose to live the same adventure, to work together in the same dreams factory, and to offer it to the others.

I like seeing people of the company evolving over time; I like seeing them blooming, as we say it about horses; not only through work but also in the daily life by the intensity of their presence and their relationship to time.”

Artistic Director


Talent is desire

“I do not know if the artists and the horses of Zingaro are the best, I know that they give the best of themselves. I want nothing else from a member of the team or a horse than for it to show its desire to be there, its desire to surpass itself, according to its means. My disappointment can come only from talented people who do not possess the desire to give anymore. As Brel saids, ‘ Talent is desire’.”
Bartabas, extrait du Manifeste pour la vie d’artiste


Below, extracted from the Almanach Zingaro, the photos of the teams of all the shows since Equestrian Cabaret.


Mathias Lyon,
Etienne Régnier,
Alice Séghier,
David Weiser,
Messaoud Zeggane.


François Marillier (music direction)
Véronique Piron, Jean-Luc Thomas, Wang Li


To take care all year long of horses:

Stables Manager: Justine Walter
Groom: Coralie Martinot
Horses care: Manon Demarcq, Mathieu Deveyer, Mathieu Guillaumon, Julien Koch, Romane Lejaille, Léa Vuillemin


For the shows, Zingaro hires numerous intermittent technicians framed by a permanent team:

Technical Director: Hervé Vincent
Technical Assistant: Jeanne Guépratte
Maintenance Officer: Ouali Lahlouh

Governed Show

Technicians on stage: Cécile Borry / Yannick Boutet / Christelle Naddéo
Sound: Xavier Ferri / Marjolaine Carme
Light: Sophie Prietz / Lucie Delorme

Costume Designer: Yannick Laisné

Governed Big Top

Head Electrician: Thierry Brillaud
Head of Big-top setting: Thierry Imbréa
Big-top setting:  Pierre-Léo Guétal,  Julie-Sarah Ligonnière, Christophe Brisset, Edouard lejeune, Erwan Tur, Olivier Serpette


To create and make turn its shows, Zingaro leans on an administrative and communications team:

Chief Financial Officer: Marc Batailley
Production Manager: Henri Carballido

Managers: Henri Carballido