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    T-shirt “Académie équestre de Versailles” – Man/unisex

    V-Neck Printed white logo on back and heart

    Ex Anima DVD

    ExAnima : The ultimate cration of Zingaro, now on DVD

    Zingaro tote bag

    Cotton-made with the black  Zingaro logo

    Book “The Equestrian Academy in Salzburg” + 2 DVD


    DVD Set Zingaro Anthology

    Intermingling with passion equestrian theater, dance, world music and poetry, Zingaro reinvents itself with each show for 30 years. The troupe invites you for a trip in thirteen shows of timeless beauty. With: Cabaret Equestrian, Equestrian Opera, Chimera, Eclipse, Triptyk, Loungta, Entr'aperce, Battuta, Darshan, The Centaur and the Animal, Golgota, Calacas, They shoot angels, don't they?

    Set Ballets équestres

    This set was published on the occasion of 10 years of the equestrian Academy of Versailles. He contains: Rosita Boisseau's foreword. The portfolios of 10 creations of Bartabas for the Academy as well as 5 DVD: the Way of the rider - The knight of saint George - Travels in Courteous India - equestrian Recital - equestrian Partitions - night mares - equestrian Liturgy - equestrian Charivari - We were horses - The Time in front of one 2 virgin pads - 6 postcards - 3 posters

    DVD The Caravaggio – Alain Cavalier

    The secret garden of Bartabas Alain Cavalier's movie Every day, early in the morning, Bartabas works its preferred horse Caravaggio. Both have a silent conversation where each guides the other one. Will they reach a certain perfection which authorizes them to appear in front of a public? Cross health problems, recover from failed sessions, become refined, enjoy the enjoyment of one without fault. The film-maker is admitted witnessing this intimacy. In the long run, it is the birth of a trio where hearts are together. The spectator will make maybe a quartet.

    DVD They shoot angel, don’t they ? (élégies)


    Natural tote bag “Equestrian Academy of Versailles”

    Natural cotton-made tote bag, orange logo

    DVD Golgota

    This "mano a mano" accompanied by four horses will be done on the mystical effluvia of the liturgical works of Tomas Luis de Victoria looking for, says Bartabas, a silent music.

    DVD The equestrian Academy of Versailles at 7 times

    Those two DVD combine seven different visions from the equestrian Academy. The Way of the Equerry The riders of Versailles: in the intimacy of the Academy The Renaissance of the equestrian Academy Equestrian recital Equestrian liturgy Bartabas and Carolyn Carlson: We were horses The time ahead

    Black tote bag “Equestrian Academy of Versailles”

    Black cotton-made with the logo of the Academy

    DVD Calacas

    Having hammered the earth of its equestrian Theater Zingaro, during more than a quarter of century, now Bartabas attacks the sky. And that he intends to feast there even more by putting the pug-nosed person in escape and the living dead on horseback. Get ready to enter a dance of the cheerfully macabre soul, unwound under your eyes as much as over your heads. A double furious carnival led to the sound of the drum of chinchineros, Mexican brass bands and barrel organs. With again and again the horse, the safest animal psychopompe which is as boatman, courier, a messenger and a guardian angel.

    Set on the 25 years Zingaro book+ DVD

    MK2 and Actes Sud joined for a unique publication, which celebrates the twenty five years of existence of the troop Zingaro. real anthology dedicated to the work of Bartabas, this Collector's book redraws the atmosphere of a theater of exception, where the horse is a king. Mixing images of scene and everyday life, each party of this work is organized around a show and around its DVD (8 all in all). From equestrian Cabarets to Battuta, Bartabas selected the words and the images there which, for him, tell his route with most just.

    DVD The Centaur and the animal

    The meeting of Bartabas with Ko Murobushi, one of the artists of the most famous and recognized in Japan as the heir of the rules of Tatsumi Hijikata, at the origin of Butô, appears as exciting one artistic adventure which examines the borders and the passages between two sensitive and exceptional universes.
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