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    D’un cheval l’autre (french edition)

    «C'est ce soir-là, après avoir copieusement arrosé l'arrivée du nouveau venu, que nous avons décidé dans l'euphorie et à l'unanimité de le baptiser Zingaro. Il endosserait le nom de notre théâtre équestre et musical, premier nommé il donnerait à la troupe sa descendance. Plus tard, tandis que la fête se répandait dans la nuit et que s'épanchaient les cœurs imbibés, je me suis surpris, comme souvent, à ne plus trouver ma place. J'éprouve dans ces moments le besoin de me retirer ; de m'évaporer sans au revoir ni salut. Je suis allé le rejoindre dans son box, je n'ai pas allumé, je me suis glissé dans son antre comme on se glisse sous les draps de l'amante endormie. Il était couché sur le flanc gauche, je me suis assis près de lui, il a tourné la tête vers moi sans se relever, un peu étonné de me voir, comme sorti d'un songe. Cette nuit-là, nous avons fait un pacte : j'allais contaminer son animalité et il allait me permettre d'exister parmi les hommes. Aux humains de mon espèce, nous allions nous révéler. Pour la vie.»   PublisherGALLIMARD (February 6, 2020) Paperback320 pages

    T-shirt “Académie équestre de Versailles” – Man/unisex

    V-Neck Printed white logo on back and heart

    Ex Anima DVD

    ExAnima : The ultimate cration of Zingaro, now on DVD

    Photo book “L’académie équestre de Versailles” – Koto Bolofo

    In a similar fashion to his Hermès project, renowned fashion photographer Koto Bolofo (born 1959) moved in backstage at the Versailles Equestrian Academy where the legendary horse trainer, film producer and impresario Bartabas introduced him to the exceptional riders of the royal stables. This opportunity to witness at close quarters the teaching of unique riding techniques (as well as the teaching of other disciplines such as fencing, legends, dance and singing) allowed the photographer to capture some extraordinary images of the equestrian arts. His black-and-white prints, his focus on surface and texture (such as leather, wood and horsehair), on the architectural qualities of the majestic setting, on costumes and the special attention paid to portraiture, create timeless images of an abiding quest for perfection. PublisherActes Sud; Bilingual Edition (May 21, 2019) Hardcover288 pages

    Ex Anima program

    "For this ultimate creation, I wanted to celebrate them as the true actors of this original “Equestrian Theatre”… To show a ritual without memory, a ceremony where the viewer will see the animal as the mirror of humanity." Bartabas

    Book “L’Académie à Salzbourg” + 2 DVD

    A photo book of the shows of The Academy of Equestrian Arts of Versailles in Sazlbourg in collaboration with Marc Minkowski : Mozart's Requiem, choreography created in 2017, & The Davide Penitente, choreography created in 2015 Two DVDs of the complete shows are included in the book.

    DVD Opéra Équestre

    Recording of the show Opéra Equestre in July 1991 in Avignon. In this show in the form of a ritual challenge, two tribes of horsemen and singers, one of Berber influence, the other of Caucasian influence, meet, compete, play on their differences and their similarities.
    Bonus : Preface : interview with Bartabas (14min) - "Naissance de l’Opéra Équestre" by Jacques Malaterre (58min) -  Chamane and Mazeppa's trailers (3min)
    Directors: Bartabas, Jacques Malaterre Duration: 1h12

    DVD Cabaret Equestre

    A movie by Bartabas and Jacques Malaterre, based on a Zingaro Theatre show. "His caravans, his music, his horses give him the appearance of a circus, but here the show is a ritual, music a vocation and the love of horses a religion. No "act", but a touch, a note, a set, a painting,..." Bartabas

    Zingaro tote bag

    Cotton-made with the black  Zingaro logo

    DVD On achève bien les anges (élégies)

    With the show "They shoot angel, don't they ?", the thirteenth in thirty years, Zingaro continues his indomitable, equestrian and poetic quest into the unknown. Laughter often goes along in this pit of chimeras each time reinvented, where white clowns looking like butchers are stirring to popular tunes.

    DVD Golgota

    This "mano a mano" accompanied by four horses will be done on the mystical effluvia of the liturgical works of Tomas Luis de Victoria looking for, says Bartabas, a silent music.


    DVD Set Zingaro Anthology

    Intermingling with passion equestrian theater, dance, world music and poetry, Zingaro reinvents itself with each show for 30 years. The troupe invites you for a trip in thirteen shows of timeless beauty. With: Cabaret Equestrian, Equestrian Opera, Chimera, Eclipse, Triptyk, Loungta, Entr'aperce, Battuta, Darshan, The Centaur and the Animal, Golgota, Calacas, They shoot angels, don't they?

    Set Ballets équestres

    This set was published on the occasion of 10 years of the equestrian Academy of Versailles. He contains: Rosita Boisseau's foreword. The portfolios of 10 creations of Bartabas for the Academy as well as 5 DVD: the Way of the rider - The knight of saint George - Travels in Courteous India - equestrian Recital - equestrian Partitions - night mares - equestrian Liturgy - equestrian Charivari - We were horses - The Time in front of one 2 virgin pads - 6 postcards - 3 posters

    DVD L’Académie équestre de Versailles en 7 temps

    The Equestrian Academy of Versailles in 7 times Those two DVD combine seven different visions from the equestrian Academy : The Way of the Equerry The riders of Versailles: in the intimacy of the Academy The Renaissance of the equestrian Academy Equestrian recital Equestrian liturgy Bartabas and Carolyn Carlson: We were horses The time ahead

    DVD The Caravaggio – Alain Cavalier

    The secret garden of Bartabas Alain Cavalier's movie Every day, early in the morning, Bartabas works its preferred horse Caravaggio. Both have a silent conversation where each guides the other one. Will they reach a certain perfection which authorizes them to appear in front of a public? Cross health problems, recover from failed sessions, become refined, enjoy the enjoyment of one without fault. The film-maker is admitted witnessing this intimacy. In the long run, it is the birth of a trio where hearts are together. The spectator will make maybe a quartet.

    Natural tote bag “Equestrian Academy of Versailles”

    Natural cotton-made tote bag, orange logo