The national equestrian Academy of Versailles

Created by Bartabas in the Grand Stable of the Palace of Versailles in 2003, the National equestrian Academy of Versailles is a very unique corps de ballet.

Its main originality lies in the confrontation of various artistic disciplines, such as dancing, singing, fencing or the Kyudo, traditional Japanese archery.



At the Academy, the squires are acquiring an aesthetic sensitivity which allows them to develop their own repertoire  as showcased in La Voie de l’écuyer. Declined every year in opus, and presented every weekends to the public, the emblematic show of the Academy enriches of the improvement of horses and the progress of their riders.

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The Royal Stable

Since its creation in 2003, the Academy of Equestrian Arts has taken over the Great Stable at the Château de Versailles, built by Jules Hardouin-Mansart, has been rehabilitated to fulfil its new vocation.


Prestigious by its history, and from now on by its creations of unique equestrian ballets, the site offers itself to business events, with the promise of exceptional evenings.

The Academy

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Chers spectateurs, 
Conformément aux directives gouvernementales, l'Académie équestre est actuellement fermée.
Nous vous retrouvons au printemps pour le spectacle La Voie de l'écuyer - Opus 2021.
Nous vous remercions de votre compréhension,
L'équipe de l'Académie