Solo show – Bartabas and his horse Tsar

coproduced by Festival d’Automne à Paris and IRCAM – Centre Pompidou

Théâtre Zingaro (Aubervilliers, FR)

From November 3rd to December 30th, 2020

© Franck Fokerman




Nowadays, I take more and more pleasure in being alone with my horses, very early in the morning, before the life of men starts. At sunrise, in silence and concentration, is when the body and mind are most available for deep listening. As a performer, I am searching for these moments, which are impossible to recreate.

With Entretiens Silencieux, I want to show how, simply, one’s devotion to their work, art, and listening to the horse can release a universal emotion. It is an adventure which puts the viewer in a position of proximity, intimacy, almost indecency… So that they may surprise what is usually kept from sight.


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The Theatre

Designed by architect Patrick Bouchain, the theatre is a wooden construction. As soon as they enter the premises, audience members feel like they are already in the show.

The Big Top

Zingaro means “Gypsy”, evoking a journey around the cultures of the world. In order to meet his audience, Bartabas adapts in his big top the shows created in Aubervilliers’ theatre. 

The Tribe

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