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    DVD Mazeppa

    Mazeppa is the history of a passion. The exclusive passion which attaches two men to horses. The one runs out wanting to paint them in movement, it is Théodore Géricault, famous artist of the XIXth century. Other one is proud of dominating them completely, it is Franconi, the rider who manages an itinerant troop of riders and who we call "master". What gathers these two men, it is the will of master to teach Géricault what is really a horse, it is the appetite which Géricault has to learn. A movie beautiful as a fireworks which celebrates the union crowned of the man and the horse.

    Mixt T-Shirt of the Equestrian Academy

    Color : Black Size : M - L - XL

    Program Golgota

    Brochure about the show "Golgota". Conception et staging: Bartabas Choreography: Andres Marin et Bartabas Photography: Nabil Boutros Poems: André Velter

    Program Equestrian Academy in French

    This Special number of Connaissance des Arts delivers to the readers a detailed description of the life of the Academy. The main part is revealed to it: the biography of Bartabas, the history of the royal Stables and the creation of the equestrian Academy. It also supplies an overview of the everyday life and the learning of the riders and the horses as well as a presentation of the shows and the visits proposed to the public.

    Program The Centaur and the animal

    Brochure of 48 pages about the show « The centaur and the animal » Conception et mise en scène : Bartabas Chorégraphie : Ko Murobushi et Bartabas Textes de Lautréamont extraits des Chants de Maldoror Photos : Nabil Boutros

    Program They shoot angels, don’t they ?


    Program Equestrian Academy in English