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    DVD Davide Penitente

    During a show, eleven dance horses found the way back of the arena Festspielhaus sculptured in the salzburg rock at the end of the XVIIth century. The squires evolve in the sound of the music of Mozart, splendidly carried by the voices and by Marc Minkowski. Total duration: 1:13

    Voyage au pays de Zingaro of Emmanuel Michel

    Emmanuel Michel retranscribes the wings of a lifestyle, in the form of drawings, paints, photos and testimonies of the men and the women who make Zingaro today, this timeless magnificent adventure … Book of 240 pages, 26 cms x 26 cms, 38 € - Editions Jarkhot 2016.

    Zingaro, Almanach 1984-2014

    This work anniversary, published on the occasion of 30 years of the troop, invites us in a journey in the various universes making up the history of Zingaro. Of show in show, an anthology of more than seven-hundred photos of the shows and the wings pulls us within a theater of exception.

    Equestrian Liturgie book + DVD

    It is the genius of the place that inspires Bartabas, it is him who decides on the show, on the representation, even on the ceremonial to be spread. So the choreography, the music and the singings given in Rouen will not be taken back on another scene or an other one places. Book + offered DVD

    Manifesto for artist’s life by Bartabas

    Bartabas signs a " Manifesto for artist's life " and invites 12 personalities to speak about it by his side. Far from the idea of Bohemia, this Manifesto for artist's life bases on the strong idea of the artistic commitment. It reveals how and to what extent the dedication of an artist to its work can modify its way of life, its daily life, its private life. This artistic commitment at the same time physical and spiritual implies an ethics on a daily basis, an investment without concession. This artistic commitment influences the lifestyles of the artists and their production, each in their own way.

    DVD night mares

    In this show which stages more than seventy horses. Versailles is transformed into a haunted place. The park becomes a deep forest, its waters of the foggy swamps and his king a new Macbeth. With the Academy and the equestrian Theater Zingaro, Larrio Ekson, Miyoko Shida and Bernard Quental. Within the framework of the Night parties of the Palace of Versailles Total duration: 2:07

    DVD Battuta

    Just the once will not hurt, Bartabas explores the notion of freedom and has fun with all the dangers. For this creation been born in 2006, the founder of the equestrian theater Zingaro was inspired by the universe of the Gypsies of Central Europe. The artist and the director gathered his best riders and 45 horses. The set is supported by two groups of Rumanian musicians: a brass band of brass instruments native of Moldavia and a set with ropes of Transylvania.

    DVD Travels in courteous India

    Not less than seventy horses and twenty five riders evoke through this magic fresco the dream of the East and the taste of distant fashionable in the XVIIIth century, in the sound of musics consisted at that time in India, in America or in Europe. With the Academy and the equestrian theater Zingaro within the framework of the Night parties of the Palace of Versailles Total duration: 1:55

    DVD Entr’perceived

    Bartabas takes us on Victor Segalen's tracks. Between landscapes and calligraphy, suggested China shows itself then the frame of a very intimate journey. For the first time, Bartabas gives a show onto a theater stage: between tulles and kakemonos, shadows and lights, the scenic space metamorphoses. The reality is not comprehensible any more but entr' perceived.

    DVD Triptyk

    For the first time, Bartabas builds the dance of horses and riders on written musics: the Rite of Spring and The Symphony of psalms of Stravinsky, Dialogue of the shade doubles of Pierre Boulez Triptyk, been born with the year 2000, creates again the event: few horses, no soloists, no game of Bartabas and on the other hand the support of written and registered musics. Europe seems closer than to custom.

    DVD The Knight saint George

    Bartabas invites us to discover the outstanding fate of the knight of Saint George, a man of exception, a mulatto, who knew how to be appreciated by his multiple talents of violinist, fencer and rider. The show will make this hero of cape and sword with more than fifty horses and after riders, fireworks, after percussionists, after comedians, after dancers and after musicians live again . With the Academy and the equestrian theater Zingaro  Total duration: 2:04 am

    DVD Eclipse

    For Zingaro, every show, every evening is only the stage of a long journey. Eclipse shows the traveled path. A new approach, dancers. A new constraint, only black and white: the shade and the light. A new musical meeting especially, the melodies of the shinawi and the " bloody ways " of the pansori singing, the transfusion in the team, the ancestral internal strength of the country of quiet morning, Korea.

    Bartabas, Novel of Jérôme Garcin

    Portrait of a universal artist who reinvented the show and novel of a man who built, under a fictitious identity, an imaginary world, Bartabas, novel is also the narrative of a brotherly friendship.

    DVD Chimera

    With Chimera, Zingaro goes back in time, guided by the horse towards the shores of the Indian civilization, in the desert plains of Thar, at the source of the nomadic people. They are accompanied in their journey by the musicians heirs of these thousand-year-old traditions, a group of Langas and Manganiyars, roaming bards of the Rajasthan, with whom they pursue their dream: to melt at the same moment the happiness of the public, the singers, the horses and the riders, to share the immense risks to exist.
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