The Academy

A way of life

When you speak to the equerries to understand what the Academy of Equestrian Arts means to them, that is the most common, spontaneous answer. We work and live our passion together. It’s not a school where you come to learn while waiting for a job to turn up. There is no curriculum, no diploma. It is more like a commitment, comparable to that of a dancer joining a ballet company. Commitment shared by all.

Artistic Director


The Equerries

Pedagogical coordinator:
Emmanuel Dardenne, Laure Guillaume

Tenured equerries:
Emilie Tallet, Marie-Charlotte Tura-Dubois

Confirmed equerries:
Adrien Samson, Zoé San Martin

Aspirants equerries:
Julia Bougon, Coline Gindre, Clémentine Marguerat

In pretraining:
Camille Comellas, Marie Morel


Philippe Boué Bruquet – Manager
Inès Bournillat, Erwan Ollivier, Goudjil Smaali, Rémi Rodier, Marina Silvola – Stableman 
Chloé Leroy-Balazun- Groom


Stéphane Cargnino – Technical Director
Sophie Manac’h – Dresser


Gérard Deniaux et Jean Parthenay – Managers

Cécile Berthelot – Administrator
Delphine Bach – Unique Accountant

Julie Migaud – Development & Events Manager

Charlotte de Smet – Secretary and Group manager
Amin Gadouri – Host manager



Marie-Clémence Perrot – Artistic fencing
Michel Dupont, Dominique et Thierry Guillemain d’Echon – kyudo
Clément Buonomo – Singing
Stéphanie Chatton – Dance



  • Level “Galop 7” required minimum
  • Training by the equerries of the Academy (classic training, long reins, work in hand) and initiation into various artistic disciplines (fencing, dance, singing …). Participation in the everyday life of the Academy.
  • Training over 1 year, 4 days/week from Tuesday till Friday.
  • Cost of the training/year: 9.000€ ttc

Send a CV detailing your equestrian route, a cover letter, a video where you execute a dressage test and photos of you on horse at the following address:

(Applications studied in Spring for September)
Very limited number of places